Potential expert witnesses have varying amounts of previous experience, and varying levels of ability and fluency. Some have never, or rarely, testified before. Other experts regularly testify as a part of their business, and as a consequence their good or bad courtroom habits may be ingrained. If you have never worked previously with a particular expert witness, there is always the possibility that calamity may be lurking. An expert who doesn't seem to effectively present his or her material in your office, is unlikely to do any better in court.

Often experts believe they are being effective if they demonstrate their expertise through the use of technical words and jargon. Courtroom Communications can train your expert to simplify complicated information and deliver it in a manner that is clear, persuasive, and helpful to a judge or jury. We are also successful in dealing with experts who may have issues with demeanor or attitude.

In the hands of Elaine Lewis, your expert will learn to present facts and opinions more powerfully. The improvement will provide a great saving of time and effort to both you and your client.